“Makes A Guy Sore!”: Confirmation from Classic Media

"What the hyeck?!" No Cecil on THIS set, folks...

"What the hyeck?" No "Beany and Cecil" here (image from TVAcres.com)

Kevin mentioned it the other day, but now we hear it from the source: the upcoming DVD set from Classic Media will not contain any of the Matty’s Funday Funnies segments featuring Bob Clampett’s Beany and Cecil. Just this morning we received the following e-mail from  John Ruzich at Classic Media:

Dear Sir or Madame:

I am contacting you on behalf of Classic Media, an Entertainment Rights group company. Recently, your website reported on Classic Media’s upcoming August 26th DVD releases of Casper Classic Collection Vol. 1: Trick or Treat and Casper Classic Collection Vol. 2: Casper & Wendy Scare Up Some Fun. Although both releases will contain Casper cartoons that originally aired on television as part of the Matty’s Funday Funnies program, we wanted to clarify that Classic Media does not have any trademark or copyright ownership of Matty’s Funday Funnies including the characters associated with the show such as Beany Boy, Cecil the Sea Sick Sea Serpent, Uncle Captain Huffenpuff and Dishonest John. For the avoidance of doubt, Classic Media is the sole trademark and copyright owner of Casper the Friendly Ghost and Wendy the Witch. If you have any questions and/or require any further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.


John Ruzich
Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs
Classic Media, Inc.

Thank you, Mr. Ruzich–we, along with countless other Beany and Cecil fans, are crushed. But at least we know.


5 Responses

  1. This is a great site!!! I love your updates and interesting facts about the cartoons of yesteryear!! Is the podcast ever coming back? Just curious. I know that it had to be pretty time consuming to produce,…but it sure was nice to listen to.

  2. The Orphan Toons podcast isn’t dead, just “in stasis”, you might say.

    You’re right–even though Kevin and I both enjoyed the experience, it was exhausting for both of us. I had plans for at least eight more two-hour shows, but we were worn out and needed a break. A long one.

    I also discovered that Skype, the program I use to allow Kevin and me to talk to one another, doesn’t work well on my ancient wreck of a computer–a lot of popping, cutoff words and static. Not to mention Skype only worked half the time, and would usually fail when I most desperately needed it (wouldn’t it just?)

    I’m afraid the podcasts are going to have to wait until I can get more memory–or better still, another computer.

  3. Rachel,

    Yes,..I can relate to the Skype issues too! I totally understand. Hey,..your posts are awesome too so keep on posting!!! Love to read more about Terrytoons, and UPA stuff too! You may be able to simply record your thoughts on an voice recorder and load them up as an .mp3 option too. Perhaps record a conversation with Kevin through conventional means or some phone recording device and then post it. I don’t know…I’m exploring other options myself too.

    Either way,….you both are great!!

    take care,

  4. I enjoyed Beany. I hope that a full DVD set is released.
    BTW this is 2010, not 2008.

  5. […] we received the following e-mail from  John Ruzich at Classic Media: Dear Sir or Madame: […] The Home For Orphan Toons This entry was posted in Animation and tagged Classic, Confirmation, from, Media, Sore”, […]

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